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[Forums] Rules 06/04/19

Forums rules

No racism of any kind.
Do not spam threads OR replies to posts.
Do not bump a thread more than once a day (24 hours), or bump 'dead' threads.
No advertising other servers/websites.
Do not
advertise or promote illegal activities/software etc.
No -1'ing posts without a valid explanation.
Do not ask or post about anyone's personal information.
You must post threads in the appropriate area.
Respect other users on the forums.
Do not post about self-harm/suicide etc.
Do not ban evade by making multiple accounts.
Do not moderate posts, staff will do their job if they see something wrong or against the rules.
may punish people how they see fit ([Head-Admin])+.
Do not ask staff to view your application.
Do not reply to your own application without good reason.
No porn/gore/other NSFW content.
Follow formats, if given for that section of the forums
Do not tag staff in posts unless requesting the post to be locked.
Use common sense.

Owner of Tesla Gaming

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